This is how we roll without a freezer. Tonight we ran to Super Saver for a few tasty treats and Rae and decided it was a night for ice cream. Naturally it made much more sense for us to split a four dollar gallon than to each spend a dollar on two bites of frozen sugar crammed into a teeny-tiny cup that looks JUST LIKE the big gallons, however appealing that genuinely is to me. 

It's cold. It's like the arctic, only probably colder. This morning it was 3º and we are actually just hitting our heat wave of 10º. If you spend even five minutes walking around outside, your ears turn into little frozen ice cubes and you can't feel your feet. 

Anyway, we figure this will keep our Eddy's and OreIda fries nice and frozen. Yes, our window is crusty. It's one of the perks of living in a dorm that's 1,749,383 years old. 

My friend Rachel just came in to give me my Christmas present- a can of peppermint frosting! We immediately opened it to try it. Fluoride, she says. It tastes like I'm eating fluoride. Yes, it does. It gives me the sensation of eating toothpaste, I reply. We dissolve into laughter as I nearly choke on my mouthful of toothpaste. In other news: I have $0.55 on my iTunes gift card balance, fourteen cents short of buying  my $0.69 cent song. Oh, the trials and troubles of modern technology. 


Looks like you got a fair amount of snow. Is the freezer your dorm window? Well, if it works, that's good. It's pretty cold here also. Was 17º this morning. And the weather man said it was -6º in the panhandle yesterday morning! Too cold, I'm thinking.


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