I'm thinking about opening my own little library, with only three categories of books: books about writing, books about the Scientific Revolution (particularly religion and science), and books by local authors. RaeLea and I went down to UNL a few weeks ago to pick up some books for my research paper. Their library was huge, sprawled throughout five or six buildings. The nice library lady gave us a map and instructions to get to the Engineering Library, but we didn't make it that far. Anyway, I now have a dozen books about science, religion, and the scientific revolution. I'm writing about the development of the heliocentric system of the universe and how the scientists dealt with the religious and scientific aspects of the universe, and how the shift from geocentricism to heliocentricism affected people. It's like that one day when you were a teenager, and your mom, exasperated, says "The universe does not revolve around you!" Well, that's how they felt, and it was pretty troubling. So that's what I'm titling my paper. The good news is I'm nine pages down and the rough draft is due on Friday. The worst is over!
4/11/2012 14:24:06

You go girl! You'll be finished with geocentricism and heliocentricism before you know it. And by the way, I like the name you have chosen for your paper!


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