See? We use it on the desks!
Cleaning. It's one of my very favorite activities. Homework overload? Clean first! Spare time? Clean! Saturday night? Clean! 
Ok, I have a life, so I don't actually clean on Saturday nights. Usually. But when it comes to cleaning, I have a method. My method is Method Home Care. Available at your local grocery store. Of course, one of the most exciting thing about coming to college is that you have your own supplies that you never had before! You need random things like staples, drier sheets, spoons, detergent, dish soap, paper clips, scotch tape, and, of course, cleaning supplies! Last summer, waaaaayyyy in advance, I picked up some Method Mutlisurface Cleaner: Grapefruit. We love it. We clean our desks with it, dust our shelves with it, and clean the tile floor with it after our mouse friends leave us presents. 

And the sinks!
We use it on the sink. In the sink. Around the sink. On the odd dorm tile around the sink. On the strange tile windowsill. This dorm loves tile. The halls have tile walls up to your chin. Maybe it's time to invest in Method Tile Cleaner. You'll notice that we also have Method hand soap. We love it, it's cucumber and smells delicious. We also have a special edition Christmas Method (Ok, it's not actually special edition, we just put it out only during the winter months) It's Peppermint Vanilla. It also smells amazing.

Here's our special minty soap. It's packed away now, because it's finally spring here! Plus, these soaps and cleaning solutions are only $3.99 at Target! They are also environmentally friendly, and avoid using harsh chemicals, if you are a tree-hugger :) I just love how good they smell and how well they clean! We will definitely be using these in the next few weeks as we get ready to move out of the dorm. I can't believe my first day of summer break is three weeks from today! This year has flown by. Finals are the first three weekdays of May, and then we can check out of the dorm and head home! After, of course, all the packing, studying, packing, studying, cleaning (yay!), studying, and packing. I also can't believe how much stuff we have in this little room that we have to drag home! But yay for the cleaning :)
If you were moving out of a dorm room, what would your go-to cleaning supplies be?

4/16/2011 10:55:59 pm

I suppose you're up and cleaning this morning, Shel :)
I love this post and knowing you, you do have a "method in your madness." I haven't tried "Method" yet but it is on my list for the next trip to Target!


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