I've always said I was "not a winter person." I love summer, I love going to the pool, I love being tan. Though I enjoy the Christmas season and the winter that comes with it, I've never like the post-Christmas winter, January and February are so dismal. However, this morning I can't imagine not enjoying the beauty of a brisk walk through a snow-covered world. 

Yesterday morning while RaeLea and I were getting ready for church, it started snowing. All through church, all through lunch, and all afternoon it snowed and snowed and snowed. And I loved it. Mikey and I were at a friend's house for lunch and enjoyed a cozy afternoon playing board games and watching the snow pile up outside. All too soon it was dark out and Mikey and I headed out to a party for the Ministry Club which he is a part of, for more Christmas festivities, games, and food. 

It's a little-known fact that I actually love cleaning off the car in the snow. Of course, not if I'm in a huge hurry or late for work or it's really pouring down freezing rain, but cleaning off light, fluffy snow brings back memories of snow days when my dad would take Logan and I sledding. So when we left to go to the party, I quickly volunteered to clear off the Scion while Mikey help push someone's truck out of the snow who was stuck.

Anyway, this morning RaeLea and I ran over to the Student Center, she was taking a senior class picture and I needed to buy milk. The snow was scintillating in the bright morning sun and I decided it was a perfect day to stay in my cozy room and eat some soup. Canned soup, because, well, I live in a dorm. 

Happy winter everyone!
12/4/2011 12:57:15

shelby, your "winter wonderland" made me wish for snow. It sounds so neat and exciting---like being beside the fireplace reading a good book, with the snow coming down, or playing board games with your special friend!


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