Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies ever. I have always envied Marty McFly for his trip back to the fifties. The dresses, the music, the ponytails.... it's just so classy.
This last weekend the ASB hosted a fifties-style banquet. 

We never made it to a banquet last year, so we decided that this time we'd make a point to go. It was held downtown at the haymarket at the train station, which was pretty cool. Almost everyone was dressed to impress in adorable fifties outfits, saddle shoes, etc.

 I've been meaning to put some photos up for quite some time now, but it turns out that the week before Thanksgiving break is an extremely busy time. I had my astronomy lab final on Tuesday night (basically pointing out 30 things in the night sky) and we had our test over the chapters in the book (the life and death of stars) the next day. Plus today I had my project due for Ancient Western Lit, which was very exciting. The downside is that I seem to have nothing clever or fun to say about my very belated pictures. The upside is that tomorrow I get to go home!



11/18/2011 7:07am

This looks so fun, Shelby. It really takes me back to the day. You and Mikey look so cute! And you and RaeLea on the train car, cute. It is a train car isn't it.
I'm so happy to get to go home today---that will be soooo nice! Keep in touch---I want to see your project pictures!

11/18/2011 8:30pm

I looove your dress! Looks like fun :)

Tom S
12/06/2011 5:11pm

There is entirely too much kissing on this site!

Sheri Berry
12/06/2011 8:33pm

I just love that black and white of you and Mikey. So cute! So retro! The others are fun too. mom


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